Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Updated sewing list!

  • DONE! Finish Hood
  • Finish N's saque coat - The saque is all done except for the tabs (closures). Silk is here, just have to do it! ;)
  • DONE! Wash red plaid dress
  • DONE! Repair closure on RP Dress
  • Put pocket in RPD
  • DONE! Put long sleeves in N's dress - if its not too faded. It shouldn't be, he only wore it to two or three events this year.
  • Finish green dress for myself - I pulled this out finally and this is what I've done on it since then: Pocket pattern made. Pocket then cut out of fabric and sewn in skirt. Waistband made. Pleat the bodice front. Bind neck and waist with piping (had to make the piping for the waist). Hem skirt with facing (by hand). Balance skirt. Pleat skirt.
  • Left to do: Attach skirt to waist band. Finish hooks and eyes for closure.
  • Make collars for red plaid and new green
  • Finish N's strapped petticoat - needs a button but the straps are sewn down.
  • DONE! Move hook on underpetti
  • See if I can squeeze a hood out of the wool I have left for N - doubt that will be happenin'
  • Pair of drawers for myself - not happenin' before this event.
  • New Chemise - not happenin' before this event.
  • Add two hooks to sheer dress - this does not have to be done by our October event, it will be much too cold to wear it then, so I have all winter to finish it :P

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  1. Hi Rachel!
    I answered your question on my post, but thought it would be easier for you to see my reply on your blog. :)

    On the sacque, it's half the measurement -- but the calculation should be the full chest measure, plus 1"-2", then divided in half. If you use 1/2 chest measure then add 2", that little sacque will be roomy! :)

    I hope you enjoy the little pattern. It worked very well for my daughter. In fact, I need to get working on a bigger one for her for the winter!

    Love your blog!