Thursday, September 24, 2009

I realize a week has gone by since I posted Part One of Tell the Coming Generation. I haven't felt the greatest physically or emotionally recently. I'm going to see my nutritionist in a week and she will tell me whats going on! I've been thinking about the post a lot but am having a bit of a time getting my thoughts on "paper". Don't worry, though! It will appear someday! :D

Here's an updated sewing list. Not a whole lot, but a few things! I gotta get moving! The event is NEXT weekend! AHH!

Last night I sat down and made a list of the things I'd like to get sewn before our next event. So here it is:
  • DONE! Finish Hood
  • Finish N's saque coat - The saque is all done except for the tabs (closures).
  • See if I can squeeze a hood out of the wool I have left for N - doubt that will be happenin'
  • Wash red plaid dress
  • DONE! Repair closure on RP Dress
  • Put pocket in RPD
  • Put long sleeves in N's dress - if its not too faded. It shouldn't be, he only wore it to two or three events this year.
  • Finish green dress for myself - I'm not really sure what is left to do on that...quite a bit. I have to pull it out and look at it.
  • Finish N's strapped petticoat - needs a button or two and the straps need to be sewn down.
  • Move hook on underpetti
  • Pair of drawers for myself - not happenin' before this event.
  • New Chemise - not happenin' before this event.
  • Add two hooks to sheer dress - this does not have to be done by our October event, it will be much too cold to wear it then, so I have all winter to finish it :P

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