Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Anti-Winter Dreariness Sewing List

Since we have entered the post-Christmas/New Year winter dreariness, I thought I should have some 'Anti-Winter Dreariness' sewing projects so after I finish some modern sewing, I will attack this.
  • Finish toile - this will require some help (oh Mumsy....?)as the shoulder is bunching pretty badly and I need someone to smooth it up.
  • Put pocket in side seam and hooks or button on wool skirt
  • Wool bodice - can't finish or even start this until I have my toile done
  • Velvet belt
  • More Collars
  • Remake collar that's shown in picture above -- I forgot to chop the seam allowance off of it.
  • Fancy over-hoop petticoat based on this petti from the MET. (click for bigger picture)
Mom, Em, and Stasia need:
  • Corded bonnet for each of them
  • Corded stays for Em
  • Wool dress for Mom
  • Re-fit Mom's work dress
  • De-farb Mom's straw bonnet
  • 2 drawers for Mom
  • 2 chemises for Mom
  • Pettis for Mom
  • Probably drawers and chemise(s) for Em

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